Sunday, June 21, 2015



Black crop tee
526.140 IDR -

Frame Denim destroyed boyfriend jeans
5.907.015 IDR -

Timberland small heel boots
2.396.935 IDR -

Boohoo hologram bag
466.200 IDR -

Cartier 18 karat gold jewelry
69.130.775 IDR -

SELECTED gold lock necklace
167.715 IDR -

Cotton hat
406.205 IDR -

NYX pastel lipstick
60.605 IDR -

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Break Sweetie

Spring Break Sweetie

AX Paris dot dress
879.690 IDR -

UNIF clothing
1.541.010 IDR -

UNIF chunky shoes
1.642.820 IDR -

Betsey Johnson white crossbody
1.009.055 IDR -

Wet Seal metal charm
128.070 IDR -

NYX red lip makeup
77.620 IDR -

Monday, January 5, 2015

Coco Ichibanya - Grand Indonesia

Ayee Mates!!
I went to this all-people-have-been-talking-about the recently (not really) open curry house in town, Coco Ichibanya!! I'm quite a fan of curry especially the one from Japan. So, I went there to try their foods and these are what I got.. 

Chicken Cutlet Omelet Curry, IDR 70000
I ordered their specialty and I must say its quite satisfying tho~ The portion is quite big and for me I could share this with other people.The egg that wrap the rice is so fluffy and soft! It really match to my liking. The chicken is tender and I must say the combinations are almost perfect but I prefer to have some veggy in it like carrot and potato. But if you're the type of person that don't really eat veggy then this is for you. 

Sausage Salad, IDR 35000
Personally, I'm not a big fan of salad but since I'm trying to be in a "healthy life" I decided to eat more veggy and also salad for dinner or lunch. When I first saw this on the menu I'm quite excited because hey I love sausage so I decided to ordered it because IDR 35000 for a salad is considered as cheap tho! The veggy is so fresh and I don't know what dressing they use but I can feel the hint of peanut-y scent from it, so I assume it contains peanut (?) and also not to worry people the sausages are cooked not raw :D

Beef Dhabi Curry, IDR 65000
This is what my bro ordered so I can't really describe the taste in specific way. But I did took a bite of his and I must say it taste good. The meat is tender and it has a little bit taste of teriyaki/yakiniku to me. Its perfectly cooked.

Chicken Cutlet Curry, IDR 60000
This one taste exactly like mine except it doesn't have that egg omelet thing that wrap the rice. So it taste good but it looks so dull and lifeless.. Well, that is one lesson should be learn xD

I must say my first trip here was quite unpleasant. So its kinda a "Bad First Impression" feel to me. Because the service is so slow!! OMGGGG~ and I'm starving that time so very bad bad first impression. Also there are no wifi connection there #sad. But on the good side the decor is quite lovely and the adequate lightning really give a cozy and warm vibes. For my dad, he said that this will be his last trip here because of the slow service and the food are quite on the pricey side #true. All the prices above exclude 10% tax & 5% service charge.

// Ratings //
Food & Drink: 4 out of 5
Place: 4 out of 5
Service: 2.5 out of 5 
Price: $$$
Will I come back for more? Maybe not :c  

Coco Ichibanya  
Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai 3A, West Mall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta
(021) 29704981

-cheer, TheSwaggieUnicornLife



Forever New top
$32 -

Print pants

$270 -

Slim watch

Cotton hat
$31 -

Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Post!

Yes, this is me Michelle from TheSwaggieUnicorn :)
I made this blog specially for my photography, culinary, music taste and other things. So TheSwaggieUnicorn is for fashion & beauty & Michelle's personal life only. Here in this blog its not only going to be me the one who write and review, but my aunt and my sis will also be writing their thoughts here as well. Since 3 of us are so passionate about photography, FOODS and music. So I hope you will enjoy this blog and make sure to click that follow button yaa! :D

For my first post, its kinda a late post but I wanted to review an event in Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) last couple of months ago. Its called culinary festival something (I forgot, sorry) and I had tons of fun and I got to tasted couple of local foods #YASS! 

Helen Kuotie (Dumpling)

 Chicken Satay + Lontong

Nasi Goreng Gila (Fried Rice)

// Review //

1. Helen Kuotie: Its quite okay thoo~ I don't expect much because I've been eating helen kuotie since I was a kid and I love them tons! Even though its not the best kuotie in town but still its worth to try ;;)

2. Chicken Satay: Didn't taste as good as it looks. Well, it taste like an average chicken satay but yet its so price-y! Huff~ and its kinda tasteless to me thooo ._.

3. Nasi Goreng Gila: I don't really enjoy this one because I love to eat hot/warm/just cooked fried rice and this one is the worst! Like when I ordered they served me this directly so I was quite fascinated by how fast they cook but turns out its the rice isn't that warm, in fact its cold! And I need to pay for about 30k IDR for this! Insane! :'''

So that's it for today post and yes I know its still lack lot of things but I'm still learning on how to be a better blogger, I'll try to give a better review in the future and if you have any comments/suggestions just drop them below in the comment box because I'm open to suggestion. Thanks! :)

-cheer, LTER (Live.Eat.Travel.Repeat)