Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Post!

Yes, this is me Michelle from TheSwaggieUnicorn :)
I made this blog specially for my photography, culinary, music taste and other things. So TheSwaggieUnicorn is for fashion & beauty & Michelle's personal life only. Here in this blog its not only going to be me the one who write and review, but my aunt and my sis will also be writing their thoughts here as well. Since 3 of us are so passionate about photography, FOODS and music. So I hope you will enjoy this blog and make sure to click that follow button yaa! :D

For my first post, its kinda a late post but I wanted to review an event in Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) last couple of months ago. Its called culinary festival something (I forgot, sorry) and I had tons of fun and I got to tasted couple of local foods #YASS! 

Helen Kuotie (Dumpling)

 Chicken Satay + Lontong

Nasi Goreng Gila (Fried Rice)

// Review //

1. Helen Kuotie: Its quite okay thoo~ I don't expect much because I've been eating helen kuotie since I was a kid and I love them tons! Even though its not the best kuotie in town but still its worth to try ;;)

2. Chicken Satay: Didn't taste as good as it looks. Well, it taste like an average chicken satay but yet its so price-y! Huff~ and its kinda tasteless to me thooo ._.

3. Nasi Goreng Gila: I don't really enjoy this one because I love to eat hot/warm/just cooked fried rice and this one is the worst! Like when I ordered they served me this directly so I was quite fascinated by how fast they cook but turns out its the rice isn't that warm, in fact its cold! And I need to pay for about 30k IDR for this! Insane! :'''

So that's it for today post and yes I know its still lack lot of things but I'm still learning on how to be a better blogger, I'll try to give a better review in the future and if you have any comments/suggestions just drop them below in the comment box because I'm open to suggestion. Thanks! :)

-cheer, LTER (Live.Eat.Travel.Repeat)


  1. Whoaaaa... this is my first visit on your Live-Eat-Travel=Repeat!!! yummmm food!
    Have a great 2015!